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Martin Krystýnek

Martin Krystýnek


Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP)
president of Association of Professional Photographers of Slovak Republic
board member of FEP (Federation of European Professional Photographers)
committee member of WPC (World Photographic Cup)

Award winning photographer born in Poprad, Slovakia. Martin Krystynek is a Master Qualified European Photographer (MQEP), president of national photographic association APFSR.

He started to work as a professional in 2010. In that year he operated in South America, especially in Paraguay, where he gained the necessary experience. He worked for many important people from the field of politics, modeling or show business.

After years working in photography his name became his brand and he obtained professional success and experience. In the last 4 years he obtained more than 300 international awards, gold, silver and bronze medals and tons of honorable mentions.

His photos were published in many international photographic books around the world.

Nowadays he is also working as a curator on the most prestigious international curated photography site 1x.com.

Martin is also working as a judge at international photography competitions and for FEP – Federation of European Photographers as a judge in FEP Photographer of The Year Awards 2018.



You can see all awards in my awards gallery.


2019 The Sculpture Objects Functional Art and Design (SOFA) Fair in Chicago
2019 Image Nation Paris
2019 Hartlauer Foto Galerie in Linz – Off limits
2018 Red Dot, Miami
2018 Hartlauer Foto Galerie in Linz – Images of Woman
2018 APFSR – Tatranská galéria, Poprad
2018 Art Expo, New York
2017 International Photo Awards Russia, Crimea
2017 Art of Nude Photography, Linz, Austria
2017 APFSR Caraffova väznica
2016 ASSF Svadba v obrazoch
2016 Art of Nude Photography, Linz, Austria
2016 ASSF Svadba v obrazoch
2015 Tatranská galéria Poprad – Sensual Beauty
2015 ASSF Svadba v obrazoch
2014 Galéria Caraffova väznica
2013 Galéria Caraffova väznica Prešov – ocenenie ZLATO (akt), 3x finalista
2013 Restaurant Forum Sabbathae
2012 Restaurant Forum Sabbathae

Patrícia Krystynek

Patrícia Krystynek

Make-up Artist

Patrícia Krystynek Make Up Artist

Patrícia is a professional make-up artist who has been doing makeup since 2009. She is doing wedding, evening make-up and gentle make-up for casual wear. Thanks to the practice she has acquired by make up many brides, models or celebrities, she is an expert in decorative cosmetics. It also provides expert advice and organizes make-up courses.

Thanks to her skilful hands you will become a queen of dinner, wedding or fashion editorial.

You can see her work a https://www.facebook.com/patriciakrystynek/

Contact: +421 903 658 585 mailto: patricia.krystynek@gmail.com



Matúš Jančík

Matúš Jančík


Originals, s.r.o.

We are a small IT company whose goal is to provide clients with effective solutions that make their lives easier and increase the sales of their products and services.

Our services include, in particular, web, Facebook and other social networking and mobile phone applications. We create and send e-mail campaigns, interconnect various online services and create API interfaces for simple marketing applications, but also for more complex intranet information systems. We develop custom web applications for various sports disciplines.

We have been in regular contact with Martin for several years and we appreciate his professional and responsible approach, thanks to which he performs quality and professional work every day.

René Blažek

René Blažek


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