Eva a Michal, 13.5.2014, Bratislava

„Will you marry me?“ This is the question every woman wants to hear from her beloved one day. There is no doubt you would say yes if you are in love with him. Your dreams about lovely family life come true and the world could not be more pink. And what about after nine years? Would you say yes if you are looking nine years into the same eyes? I am sure you would! Exactly as …. has said to her husband. That moment is the most charming and beautiful moment in life of (almost) every woman. And imagine, that the time of your wedding is planned to be the day when you have met! How romantic!

Naturally, you need to let captured all those beautiful wedding feelings, smiles and emotions and we are here to do our best for your satisfaction. This time, it was quite difficult because of the rain but I think we made it! Despite the rain, the wedding photos are still lovely and full of romance that you can feel while looking at them. Hope you enjoy them!

Photo: Martin Krystýnek

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